about me 

The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.
— Robert C. Peale

As a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition & mindful eating expert, I live to enhance my knowledge of wellness and educate the community on the IMPORTANCE of self-responsibility & awareness of well-being. My practice is rooted in the use of holistic nutrition, working one-on-one with clients & in group settings to provide health & lifestyle recommendations tailored to their specific needs. I love working with clients to develop meal plans that incorporate a variety of whole foods, as close to their natural state as possible, to cultivate a healthy diet (maintaining beauty & flavour). I dont believe in making drastic changes to your diet, rather small INCREMENTAL adjustments that in the long run will have a greater & longer lasting impact. With the right tools & individualized program, you too can feel your best by healing & supporting your body & mind with whole foods & lifestyle changes.  

Just like each and every one of you, my own vision of health & wellness is continually evolving. we are our own personal gurus, so learning how to bring awareness to our body & mind is absolutely essential to the process of living in wellth (don't worry, this can be learned)! I believe that With every new experience comes an opportunity to learn, grow, REFINe and ultimately LIVE A MORE WHOLE, AUTHENTIC, AND BALANCED LIFE. As I define & redefine what wellth looks like for me, I ACKNOWLEDGE the commitment it takes to implement a long term personal healh plan. I know the journey isn't always easy, but if you choose to embrace the struggle, welcome the personal development, & surround yourself with a tribe of wellth seekers, you too can cultivate a more wellthy life.

I am in pursuit of cultivating a wellthy collective, a united community of wellth educators and an eager tribe of wellness seekers. Together we are stonger and more impactful.  together we can ignite change & make a lasting mark. Together we are more creative. together we are even more KNOWLEDGEABLE. & together we can spread the wellth.