roasted root vegetable skillet


have you ever wondered what to do with all those leftover roasted vegetables, or the sad wilted greens that are just barely hanging on? it happens to the best of us. we over estimate the amount of food we will go through in the week & then when garbage day comes, & what was amazing produce, is now destined for the trash (SO sad!). so how can we avoid tossing miscellaneous vegetables? vegetables pair well with vegetables, particularly winter vegetables that are higher in starch & sugar (all natural & good for you though), since they become even sweeter & caramelize in the oven. so, what do you need to create (skil)LIT magic? 

what you'll need:

  • leftover roasted carrots, zucchini, & golden beets, spiced with cinnamon, salt & pepper 
  • leftover brown rice 
  • dinosaur kale 
  • fresh cranberries 
  • 1-2 tsp coconut oil

the steps: 

  1. warm your cast-iron skillet over medium heat
  2. add coconut oil & melt 
  3. tear up dinosaur kale and sauté in coconut oil until it begins to soften and the edges crisp
  4. add leftover roasted vegetables and rice 
  5. remove from heat and top with fresh cranberries 

simple additions:

  • protein: chicken, beef, fish, tofu, tempeh