Corporate wellness

Wellness seminars and lunch & learns are a great way to promote health within an organization. Wellness seminar topics vary widely, but should be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. while these sessions can be offered at any time, it is most common that they occur during lunch. this 45-60 minute window is an opportune timeframe to touch on some key topics without losing the attention of participants. 

if you are looking for an engaging way to provide health and wellness information to your organization, a seminar or a series of a seminars may be the solution. interested but unsure of a topic? i've collected a few potential wellness seminars that will help encourage optimal health and wellness among employees in the workplace. any of the suggested presentation topics can be modified to suit your corporate demographic. 

 Please select from the following wellness seminars – wellness presentations:


How clean is your eating?

Learn the basics of “clean eating” and change your anti-nutritious default foods to include foods that nourish your mind and body. Learn about whole foods vs. processed foods, hidden forms of sugar, foods that support a healthy metabolism, and which unrefined foods will keep you feeling full & reduce food cravings.

food labels, DEcoded

“Organic”, “100% natural”, “fat free”, “0 grams trans fat”, “heart heathy”, “light”, “low-sodium”, “low-carb”, “no antibiotics”, “no hormones”, “gluten free”, “sugar free” – what do these mean?!  Knowing about what you eat is an important part of looking after your health and wellbeing. Food labels carry information about the food such as the nutrition panel, ingredient list, allergens, country of origin and advisory statements. Together we will decode food labels so that you feel confident in your ability to evaluate food choices.

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Staying on track when eating out

Regular breakfast and lunch meetings, happy hour drinks, company social events, and weekend get together focused on food can sabotage your nutrition and fitness goals. Learn strategies for making healthy food and beverage choices while dining out and current apps that may help keep you on track no matter what.


Mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness practice is a form of mental exercise, and when practiced routinely (similar to going to the gym or walking 10,000 steps) there is a significant benefit. When we slow down and pay attention, we realize moments that matter when it comes to living our most meaningful life. Whether in or out of the office, mindfulness can be used as a preventive measure for stress, anxiety and difficulties with concentration. Together we will work through some simple exercises to get you started, so that you can explore and cultivate your own mindfulness practice. With a healthy mindset, it is easier to perform and concentrate during the workday. 

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other topics of interest includes:

  • Gut health 101

  • Fibre, why it’s important

  • How to support health blood sugar levels

  • Eating healthy on a budget

  • Grocery shopping for your health

  • Today’s most popular diets: the pros and cons

  • Great ideas and tips on how to snack properly

  • The ‘buzz’ on caffeine; are you having too much

  • How to prepare quick & nutritious dinners after work