Your Wellthy Grocery List

How often do you find yourself in the grocery store without a plan & overwhelmed by the plethora of the options (raise your hands). Many of us go to the grocery store with the intention of gathering pantry staples & picking fragrant produce, but when your eyes become bigger than your willpower, it's easy to give in to stomach hunger (it's that tummy speaking), eye huger (damn, those cookies look real good), & heart hunger (just like mom used to make) ... & reach for some not so good for you products (think cookies, ice cream, chips, puddings, white bread, kraft dinner, etc.). Sound familiar? Listen, I know that life gets BUSY & sometimes prepackaged foods have their appeal, BUTTTT stocking up on good for you whole unrefined foods is whats going to nourish your mind & body through all the chaos (trust me)! So, for the month of February i'm sharing with you grocery shopping & clean eating tips so that you can have the best LOVE month possible (because before you can GIVE love, you've gotta love up YOURSELF). Up first, your Wellthy Grocery List (& yes, it's categorized because i'm cool like that)! Remember, this is just a guide, we all have different foods we can tolerate, different foods we like & dislike, & different amounts of food we eat each week (depending on personal goals & the size of your family). So, use this as a reference to GUIDE your shopping! Stick to WHOLE, UNREFINED, NUTRIENT DENSE foods that are colourful, organic & local (when possible). & hey, maybe you'll even find yourself getting a little more adventurous in the foodie department as you become more organized & comfortable in your local market! Ok, you ready to get WELLTHY?  

Have I missed one of you FAVOURITE foods? TRAGIC! Let me know & i'll update the guide so that others in the community don't miss out on experiencing your favourite nourishing foods! 


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