Initial Consultation $275

SESSION #1: INTAKE & Plan Delivery

In the initial consultation, we will discuss your health history, primary health concerns, current nutrition regime, lifestyle patterns, and future health and wellness related goals. After this in-depth review, together we will devise a plan of action to get you started on your road to better health. Based on your body's symptoms, which are its primary method of communication, we will create a manageable step by step plan that suits your lifestyle and preferences. My goal is to help you take control of how you feel everyday, educate, and empower you to listen, nourish, and fuel your body with an abundance of whole foods that will support lasting changes. I believe that each person is unique and therefore an individualized plan is needed to address all areas of your health.

A personalized plan is provided to you within a week of the intake session. Your plan will include:

·      Advice on therapeutic or functional foods

·      Meal suggestions or a 3 day meal plan

·      A list of foods to avoid for your health concerns

·      A list of foods to include in abundance, along with relevant information pertaining to their health benefits

·      Safe supplementation

·      Effective adaptogens

·      Lifestyle suggestions


Follow up visits are a great way to stay accountable and on that right track to reaching your long term health and wellness goals. We will use these sessions to plan out future action, revisit areas of imbalance, address new symptoms that may have arisen, set new goals, receive ongoing support, help maintain accountability, and feel guided during your health and wellness journey. 

If there are specific health concerns you would like to make a protocol for (ie. detoxification, elimination protocol or candida cleanse), or perhaps you want to try a different type of eating plan (ie. intermittent fasting or plant based), one that is significantly different from the initial nutrition plan, this is a great time to explore how to safely and effectively transition your eating habits.

Depending on your new goals, 1 or 2 visits may be enough to make a drastic change to your overall health. If you thrive on having on-going support with monthly check-ins, follow ups are a great way to check progress, tweak plans, & stay motivated.


If we are working on long term goals or an extended protocol, this package will allow for consistent follow-ups, as often as you’d like to check in on your progress, and extra support along the way.


The nutrition consultation package works well for individuals looking to work together longer-term, or who want to make incremental, sustainable changes over a period of time. It is specifically recommended for clients the following health concerns; Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS, hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and weight loss.


·      The Initial Consultation

·      Plan Delivery

·      2 additional follow-up sessions which can be conducted in person or via skype.



This is where we can work to create the perfect program for you. This is completely customizable and will be uniquely developed to so that it targets your specific health concerns, together we will establish personal health and wellness goals, and devise a manageable plan to help you have success in your transformative wellness journey. It will begin with the Initial Consultation and then we can talk shop about added services suited to meet your goals and lifestyle, so that you can be your healthiest and best self ever.

Add ons

·   Weekly food diary review | $25

·   Custom 3 or 7 day meal plan: You will be provided with recipes that are tailored to your individualized plan, as well as a grocery list to make shopping more manageable | $99 or $189

·   market tour: Navigating the grocery store & trying to understand food labels can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know what to stock up on & what to avoid. Common questions i get asked are, "should i buy organic produce? which producers practice sustainability? what's the difference between wild, grass-fed, or pasture raised meats? Why should I care...?" these are all valid questions to ask & I want to educate you on the why! I want you to feel empowered to make informed food choices that will enhance your wellth, & nourish & satisfy your body & mind | prices vary

·   pantry revamp: is your pantry or fridge looking a little cluttered (maybe that treat shelf is growing more than it should...) You're not alone! Keeping on top of what you have in the fridge or lining your pantry shelves can be overwhelming, ESPECIALLY when food is constantly getting BURIED by more food (the grocery store can be a dangerous place if you go without a plan). Not to worry though, with some easy tricks & tools your fridge & pantry will ready to show off, in no time, & yes, you will be able to maintain that PRISTINE look | prices vary    



Nutrigenomics studies the relationship between genes, nutrition and health; how individual genes can impact the way the body responds to certain nutrients.

Nutrigenomics allows us to understand how how our genes affect the way we respond to foods, beverages and supplements. The Nutrigenomics test is a comprehensive reliable genomic test consisting of 45 genetic markers.

Genes can affect weight, physical activity, food intolerance, injury risk, cardio-metabolic health, nutrient metabolism and general eating habits. Genetic testing can allow you to understand any predispositions to these health concerns, and allows Mia to gain a better understanding of your entire health.


A saliva sample is taken and sent to the lab. Once Mia receives your results, she will provide you with feedback and a customized report, which will include dietary recommendations based on your genetic profile.

Food Sensitivity Test


Food sensitivities are delayed reactions to specific foods that are triggered by IgG antibodies. The IgG food sensitivity tests allows you to see what foods your body is reacting to, at this point in time. Under the advisement of Mia, you can work on eliminating these foods to regain control of your health.

Symptoms of food sensitivities include: migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, weight gain and eczema. The IgG reaction may take days to develop, which can make the test helpful.


Mia will provide you with the self-administered test. A small sample of blood is taken, safety and painlessly. The tests are sent to the lab and once she receives the results, you will review them together with a plan of action. 

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