My OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial Experience


Have you guys ever noticed that as the seasons change so can the texture & appearance of your skin? It’s true that warmer climates (hello summer), increased heat & humidity can cause your skin to sweat, leaving you more prone to breakouts and heat rashes. Sweating can even`exasperate irritation since the hot temperatures causes your body to become more easily dehydrated also causing symptoms to worsen (who’s got time for a dull & tired complexion...). Since your skin is your body’s largest organ & it is a pathway of elimination, it’s overall condition is affected by the internal environment (aka hormones, digestive health, adrenals, etc.) & the external environment (exposure to pollution, temperature, stressors, etc.). So with so much to battle against how does one get that GLOW?! While the majority of us don’t have a team of professionals waiting on us hand & foot (umm dream) how can you get tangible results without having to wait weeks and weeks (ain’t nobody got time for that)! Well there is a LOT you can do day to day to improve the appearance of your skin (drinking water, wearing sunscreen, eating a whole foods diet), some times indulging in an in-office (non-surgical) treatment may be just what you need to achieve that healthy, youthful, & glowing skin. 

Last week, just before heading on a trip to NYC I had the pleasure of visiting Sculpt Aesthetics to experience the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial. What intrigued me about this treatment was that there was no down time & that it was safe for all skin types (a must with my sensitive skin). 

Ok, so let break down the OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial


  • Similar to microdermabrasion, the OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active nutrients. The OxyGeneo™ is safe on all skin tones and can treat sensitive skin without any irritation.


  • Through our exclusive Capsugen, the OxyGeneo™cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients. You choose between the NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement.


  • The OxyGeneo™ produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism. Oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.


Now, let's get to the goods, the results! I know what you're all thinking, but does it work? 

For me, the answer was YES! I noticed that my skin felt ultra hydrated, brighter & perfectly glow-y. 

Since this treatment is so gentle it can be done once a week (I WISH)! What can you expect if you are able to have this facial on the regular?

  • Skin Plumping & Hydrating

  • Restored Skin Volume

  • Renewed Youthful Glow

  • Increased Collagen

  • Reduced hyper-pigmentation

  • Improved Skin Cell Production

  • Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles


  • This treatment is absolutely safe for all skin types

  • OxyGeneo is 100% cruelty-free and vegan 

  • The Super Facial results in immediately glowing, ultra-hydrated, enriched and revitalized skin and is perfect to receive before an event for more youthful looking skin

  • There is zero downtime with this treatment; makeup can be applied immediately after, making it a perfect pre-event treatment 


CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OxyGeneo 3-in-1 facial & to find a clinic near you (I visited Sculpt Aesthetics